Five tips to help you better understand your Gen Z coworkers

Offices today include a mixture of coworkers, ranging from Boomer to Gen Z. You’ve likely noticed interoffice dynamics are not the same as they were even five years ago. A global pandemic, national...

2022 Nonprofit Outlook

Throughout the year, our team is regularly researching and watching trends in the nonprofit sector to better support our clients. 

Knowing why your donors give

The general rule of fundraising says that asking the right donor, at the right time, for the right amount will lead to success.

How to achieve gold medal fundraising

I am, once again, experiencing the sadness of the end of the Olympics. I am always amazed at the talent, grit and determination of the athletes that compete each year. Watching my favorite sports,...

This summer at Dot Org Solutions - a focus on growth

There are many favorite things I think about when someone mentions summer – grilling out, farmers markets, Ohio sweet corn, vacation, more time outside and a less structured pace.

The pandemic’s silver lining on fundraising

The last 16 months has forced many of us out of our comfort zones. We’ve all had to adjust in order to do our jobs. Now, everyone keeps talking about returning to “normal”, but what does “normal”...

Summer recommendations from the Dot Org team

After a rough year in 2020 and a busy beginning to 2021, I think all of us are ready for a (mostly) normal, low-key summer. Most of our staff has either already gone on a vacation or planned one,...

Six digital marketing investments nonprofits can make to improve reach

For many nonprofits, digital marketing consists of occasional mass emails, an infrequently updated website and posts on the organization’s social media feeds. But a haphazard approach to digital...

Basic digital metrics nonprofits should know and understand

Understanding and using basic digital metrics can help your nonprofit better understand your audience and get more results. The pandemic forced many people to do more things online, from grocery...

Choosing the best social media platform for your nonprofit

With all the options available, choosing the best social media platform for your nonprofit may be difficult.
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