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A trusted source of information, trends and advice for nonprofit leaders, fundraisers and marketing professionals

We know your time is valuable. We also know that the nonprofit sector changes quickly. That's why we take great care in preparing our weekly blog based upon industry trends, questions we've been getting from clients and colleagues, and our own research about what we hope will be valuable.

8 reasons why strategic planning is important for nonprofits

January 26, 2023
Some nonprofits and their boards may question the need for formal strategic planning every few years. It can be...

2022 Nonprofit Outlook

December 9, 2021
Throughout the year, our team is regularly researching and watching trends in the nonprofit sector to better support...

Dot Org Solutions webinar series to focus on nonprofit resilience

October 1, 2020
Our communities rely on nonprofits to thrive. So, we must provide as many opportunities as possible during this...

Leading and planning during a crisis

March 11, 2020
I’m not an expert in infectious diseases. But I do have more than 25 years of experience in public relations, nonprofit...

Lessons learned from my time as a student-athlete

January 30, 2020
I’ve been a jock my whole life.  Some of my earliest memories are playing basketball in my driveway and running...

Outsourcing work to the best people

September 20, 2019
Like most small agencies and consulting firms, we outsource certain types of work to outside vendors or contractors and...

Four tips for ensuring your messaging communicates impact

September 5, 2019
A common problem for nonprofits is finding meaningful ways to communicate impact to donors. They might find themselves...

Celebrate National Nonprofit Day your way

August 14, 2019
Every day, we are all impacted by a nonprofit in our community, whether we know it or not. I pass through Zoar, which...

Three reasons your nonprofit needs to establish marketing personas

August 8, 2019
If you have worked in the for-profit marketing world, there is a good chance you have heard of the benefits of building...

Five things nonprofits should consider when planning for 2020

July 26, 2019
Note from Amy: There is an endless amount of information available to nonprofits and we know how hard it is to get...

Four reasons a Fundraising Readiness Assessment™ may be right for you

July 18, 2019
Dot Org Solutions has two areas of focus – fundraising consulting and marketing. Last week, Kayleigh Fladung, our...

Seven mistakes fundraisers are making

April 1, 2019
Fundraisers pay attention to a lot of things but often forget to make note of the mistakes they might be making. They...

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