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A trusted source of information, trends and advice for nonprofit leaders, fundraisers and marketing professionals

We know your time is valuable. We also know that the nonprofit sector changes quickly. That's why we take great care in preparing our weekly blog based upon industry trends, questions we've been getting from clients and colleagues, and our own research about what we hope will be valuable.

The ultimate yearly planning guide for nonprofits and how to stay on track

January 4, 2023
It can be hard as a fundraiser to plan ahead, especially when you are pulled in a thousand different directions, given...

Five tips to keep your team motivated during year-end

September 26, 2022
The year-end appeal season is right around the corner. Hopefully, your fundraising and marketing teams have already...

Five graphic design principles for nonprofit organizations

July 22, 2022
Not every organization has the luxury of an in-house graphic designer, but with these design resources and an...

Six digital marketing investments nonprofits can make to improve reach

June 24, 2021
For many nonprofits, digital marketing consists of occasional mass emails, an infrequently updated website and posts on...

Basic digital metrics nonprofits should know and understand

June 10, 2021
Understanding and using basic digital metrics can help your nonprofit better understand your audience and get more...

Choosing the best social media platform for your nonprofit

May 20, 2021
With all the options available, choosing the best social media platform for your nonprofit may be difficult.

Four marketing trends for nonprofits to consider this year

January 21, 2021
Earlier this month, HubSpot released an article about marketing trends to watch in 2021. These kinds of articles are...

The Dot Org Solutions team describes their versatile career paths

October 22, 2020
The staff at Dot Org Solutions was asked to reminisce on their versatile career paths and describe them in one word.

Reasons nonprofits can (and should) use LinkedIn

July 22, 2020
LinkedIn is a great tool, but many employees of nonprofit organizations and small businesses do not fully understand...

Managing social media in a crisis

June 4, 2020
There is no question that 2020 has been a year we won’t soon forget. And if you are tasked with managing social media...

Staying connected while staying apart

March 26, 2020
As many people transition from working in the office to working from home, effective communication becomes increasingly...

Writing for audiences in sensitive situations

October 17, 2019
As you write your appeal letters, grant narrative or marketing copy, you might be wondering how to properly tell your...

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